Survey3 Cameras

Survey3 cameras each come with an external GPS receiver to provide instant geo-tagging with every captured image. Once the camera has GPS lock you will hear 6 beeps. Locating the GPS receiver with a clear view of the sky and not obstructed (such as underneath a drone) provides better location accuracy.

Survey3 is offered in both a wide angle lens version (Survey3W) and narrow angle lens version (Survey3N). Both lenses are non-fisheye and extremely low distortion, providing great results when aerial surveying. The Survey3W is similar in field of view to the Survey2, most DJI cameras (Mavic, Phantom, Inspire X3) and the medium FOV on a GoPro Hero. The Survey3N provides a 2X optical fixed zoom over the Survey3W, providing 2X higher ground sample resolution (GSD).

New to Survey3 is the ability to send a PWM signal to not only trigger the cameras to capture a photo, but also to have the camera go into USB Media Transfer mode. This allows you to have the camera always connected to a computer (such as a drone companion computer) and mount/unmount the camera's SD card. Once mounted you can extract the images, process them and save them to a more easily accessible storage device.

With Survey3 we are also introducing our new triple-band multispectral filters: Red+Green+NIR (RGN) & NIR+Green+Blue (NGB). The RGN filter is often used for indices such as NDVI, GNDVI, OSAVI, TVI, CVI, etc. The NGB filter is often used for the ENDVI indice. We also provide a visible light color (RGB) and near infrared (NIR) filter option.

Our most popular Survey3 model for assessing general plant health is the Survey3W Red+Green+NIR (RGN).