Autel EVO II Survey3 Bundle

Reflectance calibration requires using our calibration targets.
Images that are not calibrated will not contain accurate/correct pixel data.

This discounted bundle has everything you'll need to use 1 or 2 Survey3 cameras with the Autel EVO II (V1 or V2) Standard/Pro/Dual/Dual-640T/RTK/Enterprise drone. The mount allows you to easily attach either 1 or 2 Survey3 cameras at a time without requiring any tools. Each camera can be easily rotated to adjust the tilt angle to keep the camera as parallel (nadir) with the ground during forward flight. The camera's Advanced V2 GPS is mounted on the top of the drone, and will include a dual split GPS cable if you purchase the dual camera bundle. Simply choose the model of the camera(s) and the micro SD memory capacities to complete your package.

Included in a single (1) Autel EVO II Survey3 camera bundle:

The following is included with the Autel EVO II MAPIR Survey3 Single Camera Mount:

Included in a dual (2) Autel EVO II Survey3 camera bundle:

The following is included with the Autel EVO II MAPIR Survey3 Dual Camera Mount:

Install Instructions:

Step 1: Make sure the camera is in the default Interval timer capture mode. Install the camera (with battery) by sliding it into the frame mount. Use the included black plastic camera bolt in the camera's tripod mounting hole to secure camera to mount.

Step 2: Place the Foxfury saddle mount as shown on the Autel EVO II vehicle, there are no screws holding it on.

Step 3: Snap the bottom brace into place. The bottom brace is not required but highly recommended to provide the best fit of the saddle onto the vehicle when carrying an additional payload (cameras).

Step 4: Peel off the red adhesive backing on the bottom of the Advanced GPS receiver and attach to the Foxfury Autel EVO II Saddle - Accessory/GPS Mount.

Step 5: Slide the GPS onto the top saddle mounting location making sure to rotate it so the corn logo points forward. The adhesive is very strong and typically one time use. If you need to replace it you should use 3M VHB clear or similar tape if possible. The cables exit out the back of the GPS towards the rear of the vehicle.

Step 6: Slide the camera onto the front side mounting locations on the saddle. The saddle can carry 2 Survey3 cameras, with one camera flipped over. Rotate the cameras such that when the drone is flying forward the camera is as parallel with the ground as possible (adjust angle based on expected flight speed).

Step 7: Plug the GPS USB cables into the cameras and route the GPS wires along the frame mount side clips to keep the wires away from the propellers.

For the dual GPS cable setup please bend the cable joint towards the right camera as shown below, this should provide the ideal tension/slack in the wires:

Your mount is now ready to use. Happy flying!