MAPIR, Inc, formally Peau Productions, Inc has been in business since 2009.

MAPIR \map'per\ : a person who surveys their environment

We specialize in compact monitoring equipment for the remote sensing and similar industries. Our line of multi-spectral cameras allow users with varying budgets to keep track of their asset and resource projects, detecting issues sooner than traditional RGB color cameras are able to.


In the company's early years we honed our knowledge of compact lens optics and filters/coatings to meet various customer project requirements. Our products have been successfully used in extreme environments from the coldest polar regions, to the deepest ocean depths and even in space. If you have watched media from the growing space industry recently (SpaceX, Blue Origin, NASA) you have probably seen our products being used.

The MAPIR brand was launched in 2015 to address the growing demand for compact, multi-spectral image sensors. Leveraging years of experience with supplying cameras for aerial platforms and research into the remote sensing industry we have launched multiple iterations of our affordable Survey line of cameras.

In 2016 we launched our Calibration Ground Targets, the first affordable, high quality reflectance targets available in the market. The targets provide calibrated reflectance values for captured media, something rare in the "converted-RGB" camera market.

Released in 2017, Survey3 added many benefits over previous Survey camera models with more lens and filter options, along with automatic geo-tagging capabilities. With the new triple-band multi-spectral filters now available customers are able to capture more spectral data than ever before with a single sensor camera.


With the Survey camera line targeting the consumer micro-camera market there were many features that our more advanced industrial customers desired. After extensive research and listening to our closest partners we began the development of Kernel, the first truly modular micro-camera system that can adapt to our customer's often ambitious and unique projects. Kernel1 began shipping in 2017 and was well received by researchers all over the world.

While the original Kernel1 system accomplished some of the initial project goals we still felt there were better solutions to the modular design and communication capabilities. The development for Kernel2 was much longer than expected due to both the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic as well as the high level of complexity in the new design, essentially as complex as today's high-end smartphones. Ethernet (TCP) was introduced to provide the main communication network both inside and outside the array, and the module connections were improved with a standardized connection and size to more easily support future array modules being introduced.

As with many areas of technological advancement these days, analysis software is often the core product from precision agriculture (Ag-Tech) companies. The issue with this approach is that software is only as good as the data going into it, so MAPIR understood years ago that without the best sensor input the software will never see the full picture. This is why we have spent so much time concentrating on our proprietary camera detection hardware.

In 2021 we opened early access to our online image processing and analysis platform MAPIR Cloud. Cloud leverages the powerful Pix4D photogrammetry engine along with AWS to provide fast and accurate processing of images, with future goals of adding more granular analysis powered by machine learning.

MAPIR continues to work with our market-leading partners in the remote sensing industries to bring compact and powerful sensor solutions to our customers worldwide.