DJI Mavic Pro Survey3 Bundle

Reflectance calibration requires using our calibration targets.
Images that are not calibrated will not contain accurate/correct pixel data.

This discounted bundle has everything you'll need to use a Survey3 camera with the DJI Mavic Pro drone. The mount is at a fixed 17 degree tilt to keep the camera as parallel (nadir) with the ground during max forward surveying flight of 8m/s. The camera's Advanced V2 GPS cable has been designed specifically for use on the Mavic Pro drone, making sure to keep the cable thin and lightweight. Simply choose the model of the camera and the micro SD memory capacity to complete your package.

Included in this bundle:

Install Instructions:

Step 1: Unscrew the original DJI screws in the 4 locations marked below with a (not included) 1.5mm hex tool:

Step 2: Place the mount as shown and tighten the four screws included with the mount. The screw holes have pegs that will snap into place:

Step 3: Install the camera as shown below. Use the included black plastic camera bolt in the camera's tripod mounting hole to secure camera to mount. Feed the GPS receiver cable through the side hole, plug the USB cable into the side of the camera and peel off the adhesive backing on the bottom of the GPS receiver. Make sure to press it down securely such that the GPS receiver adheres to the center of the mount, as shown:


Step 4: Happy flying!