Processing MAPIR Survey Images in Point-Cloud Software
(Pix4D & Photoscan)

While the steps outlined in our general work-flow can be followed for the more basic processing software (DroneDeploy, MapsMadeEasy) there are specific steps that should be followed for advanced stitching using point cloud software such as Pix4D and Agisoft Photoscan:

Step 1: If you captured images in RAW+JPG mode, you'll need to use the Process step of our MAPIR Camera Control (MCC) application to convert the RAW images to TIFF.

Step 2: Stitch images into ortho-mosaics using your point cloud software, making sure to choose the calibrated camera profiles (Pix4D or Photoscan).

Step 3: Calibrate the ortho-mosaics in MCC using an image of our Calibration Target (recommended)

Step 4: Use the Viewer tab in MCC to calculate the index image and apply the color map (lut).

Nolan Ramseyer
Nolan Ramseyer