Processing MAPIR Survey Images in Point-Cloud Software
(Pix4D & Photoscan, etc)

Here is a very general work-flow for using point cloud (structure from motion) or any 2D and 3D generating software with images from our cameras:

Step 1: If you captured images in RAW+JPG mode, you'll need to use the Process step of our MAPIR Camera Control (MCC) application to convert the images to TIFF.

Step 2: If you would like to perform reflectance calibration then in MCC choose the "Reflectance Calibration" options.

Step 3: Bring the images into your 2D/3D generation software and process them. For most of these software applications providing the software with good camera calibration values is recommended.

You can find some instructions here for Pix4D or Photoscan.

Nolan Ramseyer
Nolan Ramseyer