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MAPIR Camera Control (MCC)

Images captured by MAPIR cameras contain pixel values corresponding to the intensity of the multispectral spectrums the cameras can detect. To convert the pixel values to calibrated reflectance percentages you need to process the images in our software.

You can process images from MAPIR cameras on our desktop software MCC (MAPIR Camera Control) and online at MAPIR Cloud.


MCC has been designed to automatically analyze your input images to determine the camera model and which processing options and output image formats are supported. This reduces the amount of input a user has to do in order to process images, which makes using MCC much easier.

With MCC you can fully convert and calibrate an entire dataset in as little as 3 button clicks.

Please review our detailed MCC User Manual for assistance with using MCC and the various options supported.

Once MAPIR camera images are processed in MCC they can be further processed in photogrammetry applications that stitch them together (2D orthomosaic map, 3D models, etc) and analyzed in various GIS or similar applications. We recommend our MAPIR Cloud software for the best results when generating additional exports.


MCC Supported Features:

  • Convert RAW+JPG Survey3 images to TIFF
  • Apply vignette (flat field) correction to images
  • Apply white balancing correction to images (RGB filter models only)
  • Apply reflectance calibration to images using a photo of our calibration target
  • Output processed images as pixel value (DN) or percent value (%).
  • Single channel camera filter models (RE, NIR) are automatically output as mono (single channel) images
  • Analyze images using raster calculator (i.e. NDVI) and apply color LUT

  • MCC Supported Camera Models:

     Manufacturer Camera Model Filter Model Image Type
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N RGB RAW+JPG, JPG
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N RGN RAW+JPG, JPG
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N OCN RAW+JPG, JPG
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N NGB RAW+JPG, JPG
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N RE RAW+JPG, JPG
    MAPIR Survey3W, Survey3N NIR RAW+JPG, JPG


    MCC Supported Output Image Formats:

     TIFF (16-bit) 16-bit (pixel digital number 0 - 65535) TIFF (.tif) format output.
    TIFF (32-bit, Percent %)
    32-bit (pixel float 0.0 - 0.1) TIFF (.tif) format output.
    JPG (8-bit)
    8-bit (pixel digital number 0 -255) JPG (.jpg) format output.
    JPG (8-bit, Percent %)
    32-bit (pixel float 0.0 - 0.1) JPG (.jpg) format output.