Magpy: Launching Magpy to Start Survey Mission

When launching Magpy the internal sensors will detect the drone's movement, start the motor and begin the surveying mission.

There are two ways you can launch Magpy:

Method 1: Start Motor then Release (RECOMMENDED)

In this method you pick the plane up after it is armed and while holding onto it give it a quick forward movement. This starts the motor, so be very careful to keep the spinning propeller away from your body. Then you push it forward, keeping it parallel to the ground and release it with a slight upward angle. Sometimes Mission Control will think the mission has ended because the drone stopped moving after the motor started spinning, so it is recommended to try and throw it quickly after you start the motor. If the drone begins flying and MC thinks it has stopped simply disconnect and reconnect to the drone and it should show the drone flying the mission.

Method 2: Throw Magpy to Start Motor (EXPERT ONLY)

In this method you pick the plane up after it is armed and throw it to start the motor. The throw should be parallel to the ground like the below animation is showing. Just before you release it give it a slight angle upward. The plane should glide for a few feet and the motor should spin and then start the mission. You do not want to throw it too hard or too soft, so it may take you a few times to perfect the throw. This method has a higher chance that the drone will have a false/crash start and is not recommended unless you are experienced.