Calibration Target (T3)
Capture Procedure

    1. Open target package and face up towards the sky such as above photos show. The entire target case (both sides) must be visible. 

    2. You can either stand over the target (above photo left) or take off with your drone near it (above photo right).  If you take off next to it, make sure not to cast debris onto the targets. You can also take off further away and then fly directly over it.

    3. Make sure not to cast a shadow on the entire QR fiducial and target areas. Make sure the reflectance targets are free of debris, if not you can typically blow the dirt off with your breath or brush it off with your fingers.

    4. Capture a photo using each camera while keeping the target as centered in the image as possible. Make sure the target regions are not close to the edge of the image, you may need to step back further.

    5. Try and keep the Survey3W camera within 13ft (5m) and the Survey3N within 33ft (12m) of the T3-R50 target for best results.

    6. Capture additional images that you want to calibrate for reflectance directly after the target image(s) are captured. If the ambient light changes, then the calibration required changes, so you need to recapture an image of the target package.

    7. Use the captured photos of the target in our MAPIR Camera Control application and on MAPIR Cloud.

 Older video showing how to avoid shadows on our target packages: