Survey3 Adjustable Pivot Mount
Dual Cameras

Use this adjustable pivot mount with two of our Survey3 Frame Case Tripod 1/4-20 Side Mounts (not included) to easily capture images on a tripod. Simply loosen the side knobs, rotate the cameras and tighten the knobs to quickly adjust the tilt angle.

You can easily attach the Advanced V2 GNSS to the top of the frame case using the tape provided with the GNSS. A 1/4-20 bolt is also included to attach compatible attachments to the top of this pivot mount.

When using a Survey3 Lens Protector you do not need to use the rubber o-ring included with the lens protector. 



1 x Survey3 Adjustable Pivot Mount for two Survey3 cameras

2 x Large Side Knob

1 x Metal 1/4-20 Top Tripod Bolt


Weight: 72.0g


Not Included: Survey3 camera, camera lens protector, Survey3 Frame Case Tripod 1/4-20 Side Mount, gps, gps cable