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MAPIR Cloud is an ideal solution for processing images from MAPIR cameras and other supported camera models. Powered by the popular Pix4Dengine photogrammetry solution and hosted online by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the easy-to-use cloud application produces results quickly and with great accuracy.

Supported Features:

  • Pre-process in desktop software MAPIR Camera Control (MCC) with JPG export or upload unprocessed images directly to Cloud. Pre-processing in MCC is convenient to do while in the field with limited/no internet connection.

  • Supports both JPG and RAW+JPG uploads. RAW images are converted to TIFF (16 bit) and orthomosaic exports will then be 16 bit.

  • Quickly sort and preview images prior to uploading. Analyze all your photos and only upload those you need to process.

  • Pix4D processing report available while processing continues.

  • Fast project processing. 50 JPG image projects processed in less than 15 minutes!

  • Multiple map world viewer. See all your maps at the same time, easily toggle visibility and layer stack order.

  • Multispectral index calculator for NDVI and other common vegetation indices.

  • Automatic pixel transparency for clipped pixels outside of LUT min/max

  • Project sharing allows browser viewing and export downloads without an account login.

MAPIR Cloud offers a FREE Iron plan level to test the software, no payment or subscription required. You can view free public projects as well as process Survey3 camera projects of 50 images or less (no exports or sharing) with the free Iron plan. When you are ready to upgrade simply purchase a subscription or monthly plan above. Once the payment is processed we will notify you of your new plan level.

Click on the green tabs below for more information:

    Yearly Subscription Price (15% Discount)
    Per login cost supporting both project processing and storage of project data FREE $775.00 $1,672.00 $3,355.00
    Account Data Storage The maximum amount of storage available to save images and project exports
    5 GB
    (0.005 TB)
    250 GB
    (0.25 TB)
    (1.0 TB)
    (3.0 TB)
    Max Project Image Upload The maximum number of images per project upload 50
    250 1000 4000
    Max Project Processing The maximum number of different datasets per month 5 10 20 40
    Project Sharing Share projects to another user for viewing or duplicate to new user X
    Processing Reports The processing report from the photogrammetry stitching process
    Map Comparison Adjust map layer hierarchy to easily compare maps
    Project Management Rename, reprocess, delete projects
    Cameras Supported Cameras supported for processing individual images into maps/models MAPIR Survey3 (JPG only) All "Supported Cameras" All "Supported Cameras" All "Supported Cameras"
    2D Orthomosaic Export Formats Available project output image format types X GeoTIFF GeoTIFF GeoTIFF
    Share/Export Expiration
    Project share links and manually generated exports automatically delete after set times X 30 60 90