The DAQ-A is an aerodynamic PPK data logger containing GNSS (GPS) and IMU position sensors, with a user-accessible micro SD card for saving the data log. There is a USB port for power input, an RGB LED status button and two Survey3 camera connection ports.

Main Features:

  • The DAQ-A continuously saves the sensor data from the GNSS and IMU, as well as the PWM (camera trigger) and EXP (camera exposure) events.

  • The removable micro SD memory card stores data log files and the user-editable DAQ configuration file. Log file is used in MAPIR software to improve the image geolocation information (PPK), as well as adjust the calibration over time.

  • Camera trigger signals are sent with each DAQ-A button press, or at set time intervals. The user can easily adjust the triggering rate interval by editing the configuration text file on the memory card.

  • Support for 2 separate Survey3 camera exposure logging. This allows for more accurate image geolocation metadata updates during post processing (PPK).

  • Daylight readable RGB LED button shows system status. LED brightness is adjustable and disableable. Button triggers cameras and turns logging on/off.

  • DAQ-A can be conveniently powered by 1 or 2 Survey3 cameras, or using the side USB port.

  • Automatically syncs connected Survey3 camera system clock time (RTC). Make sure cameras are set to time zone GMT-0.

  • Easy firmware updates using firmware file on the SD card.

Mounting Options:

Designed into the bottom of the DAQ-A are rails that mate with our various DAQ-A mounting plates. Simply pull the tab on the plate down and slide the DAQ-A into the mount. We offer mounts that contain multiple through-holes, a 1/4-20 threaded tripod hole, and drone specific models (DJI Mavic 3, etc). You can also use double-sided tape (not included) to attach to any surface.


Power Options:

You can power the DAQ-A using the side USB port OR the rear Survey3 camera connection ports. If using short 10" cables you can use a single Survey3 camera to power the DAQ-A. If you use longer cables you will need 2 Survey3 cameras, or USB power. Never apply power to BOTH the USB and camera ports. Runtimes below are for continuous RAW image capture (every 3s).

Runtime (1x Survey3 Camera) 45 minutes
Runtime (2x Survey3 Camera) 120 minutes


Survey3 Camera Connection Ports:



1 Power Input/Output (5V)
2 Ground
4 Camera Trigger (PWM)
5 Camera Exposure Strobe (Relay)
6 Ground


GNSS Receiver (ADV V2) ublox MAX-M10S, 
Satellites Supported GPS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS, SBAS
Antenna Ceramic Patch (25 x 25 x 4 mm )
Sensitivity -165 dBm 
Channels 210 PRN 
Logging Rate 4 Hz
GNSS Positional Accuracy 1.5m
Status LEDs Power (green), GPS lock (blue)
IMU BNO085, 9-axis DoF


Memory Storage Micro SD Card (16GB INCLUDED)
Memory Format Supported exFAT, FAT32, NTFS
Memory Capacity Supported Up to 512GB
Logging Duration 16GB = ~135 days
Camera PWM Trigger Interval
Customizable (in seconds, any duration)
Camera Exposure Pulse Detection 3V3 Relay (High)
Power Input 5.0V - 0.26A
Runtime (1x Survey3 Camera Battery) 45 minutes
Runtime (2x Survey3 Camera Battery) 120 minutes
Dimensions 78.6 x 36.0 x 25.7 mm  (L x W x H)
Weight 57g
Bottom Mount Attachment DAQ-A Slide Rail (3D STEP DOWNLOAD HERE)



1 x DAQ-A data logger

1 x 16GB micro SD card (+ SD adapter)

1 x Micro USB power cable