Carrots - April 21th, 2023

This survey was of a carrot field. The Autel EVO II drone carried the Survey3W RGN and Survey3W OCN cameras using our Autel EVO II MAPIR Survey3 - Dual Camera Mount, and covered the 35 acre field in two batteries. Photos of our Diffuse Reflectance Standard Calibration Target Package (T3-R50) were captured just before the flight. The RAW+JPG Survey3 images were converted and calibrated in our MAPIR Camera Control (MCC, desktop software), and the orthomosaic was produced on our MAPIR Cloud

Vehicle Autel EVO II
Vehicle Mount

Autel EVO II MAPIR Survey3 - Dual Camera Mount

Height AGL 262 ft (80 m)
GSD (Average) 1.41 in / 3.57 cm
Surveyed Area 35 acres / 60 acres (planned / actual)
Mapping Application Autel Explorer
Front Overlap (App Setting) 80%
Side Overlap (App Setting) 80%
Max Flight Speed (App Setting) 6 m/s (EVOII)
Battery Used Per Flight 100%, 100%
Pix4D Processing Report (Survey3W RGN) VIEW HERE
Pix4D Processing Report (Survey3W OCN) VIEW HERE
Download Original Images (Survey3W RGN) DOWNLOAD HERE (12.8 GB)
Download Original Images (Survey3W OCN) DOWNLOAD HERE (12.0 GB)