Survey2 Camera - NDVI Red+NIR

The Survey2 has a 16MP sensor and sharp non-fisheye lens allows you to easily capture aerial media. It captures photos on the default timer or can be sent a PWM signal through the HDMI port (see below). If you supply power to the USB port it will power on and off the camera automatically. Sized similar to a GoPro® Hero these small survey cameras can be attached to your aerial drone platform using our various mounts.


  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Survey Software Settings, PWM & Filter Chart
  • Recommended SD Cards
  • Firmware
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    Image Resolution

    16 MegaPixel (4,608 x 3,456 px), 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP

    Image Format

    RAW+JPG, JPG - 24bit sRGB

    Video Resolution

    1440p30, 1080p60, 720p120, 480p240

    Video Format

    MP4 (H.264 Codec)

    Lens Optics

    82° HFOV (23mm) f/2.8 Aperture, -1% Extreme Low Distortion (Non-Fisheye) Glass Lens

    Ground Sample Distance (GSD)

    4.05 cm/px (1.59in/px) at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL


    Sony Exmor IMX206 16MP (Bayer RGB)


    Novatek NTK96660

    Capture Speed

    RAW+JPG: 3 Seconds / Photo.  JPG: 2 Seconds / Photo

    Remote Trigger

    PWM via HDMI Port (see below)


    Removable Li-ion (900mAh) (Not Required When USB Powered)

    Power Draw

    5.2V 0.2A (Without Battery), 5.2V 0.4A (With Battery)


    47g (1.7 oz) (Without Battery), 64g (2.3 oz) (With Battery)


    59 x 41 x 30mm (Length x Height x Depth)

    Memory Storage

    Micro SD (Up To 128GB Card) (64GB Card ≈ 12,500 JPG, 1,750 RAW+JPG)

    White Balance

    Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent / Blue / Light Blue / Red / Light Red / Custom*


    50 / 100* / 200 / 400, Auto

    Shutter Speed (s)

    1/2000, 1/1000*, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/30, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, Auto


    +2.0 / +1.67 / +1.33 / +1.0 / +0.67 / +0.33 / +0.0* / -0.33 / -0.67 / -1.0 / -1.33 / -1.67 / -2.0


    Average* / Center / Spot


    Normal* / Black and White / Sepia / Vivid


    Strong / Normal / Soft*

    Capture Mode

    Single* / 3 Sequence / 10 Sequence


    1.5” Ultra Bright Color LCD Screen

    Video Out

    HD 1080p (HDMI Micro), SD 480p (Optional USB FPV Cable)

    TV Mode

    NTSC* / PAL


    Battery, USB (Micro-A Cable Included, Optional Micro USB FPV Cable)

    Auto Power On (When Power Applied to USB Port)

    ON* / OFF

    OSD Language

    English*, French, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil, Dutch, Czech, Polish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean


    60Hz* / 50Hz

    OSD Display

    ON* / OFF

    Date Stamp

    ON / OFF*


    ON* / OFF

    Quick Capture

    ON / OFF*

    Auto Power Off

    OFF* / 1min / 3min / 5min / 10min / 15min / 30min / 60min

    Auto Sleep LCD

    1min* / 3min / 5min / OFF

    Vertical Rotate

    ON / OFF*

    Included Accessories

    Lens Cap, USB Charge Cable, Manual

    * = Default Setting

  • Included:

    (1) Survey2 Battery

    (1) Protective Silicone Lens Cap

    (1) USB Charging Cable



    Reflectance Calibration Target - Normalize Your Results:

    PWM Shutter Trigger Cable:

    Survey2 Glass Lens Protector:

    64GB Memory Card:

    Survey2 External Battery Charger:

    Survey2 Extra Battery:

  • For best stitching results, we recommend a survey overlap of at least 70% front-lap and 70% side-lap and a maximum 5mph (8kmh) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL) for RAW+JPG mode, and a maximum 10mph (16kmh) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL) for JPG only mode.

    Camera Parameters for Flight Management Software

    Sensor Resolution (megapixel) 16
    Sensor Size (mm) 6.17472 x 4.63104
    Sensor Pixel Size (um) 1.34
    Lens Focal Length (mm) 3.97
    Image Dimensions (pixels) 4608 x 3456


    Bayer Image Channels For Post Processing

    Channel 1 (Red) Captures Reflected Red Light
    Channel 2 (Green) Do Not Use
    Channel 3 (Blue) Captures Reflected Infrared Light

  • We sell the Lexar1000x HERE.

  • Download by clicking a link below and copy the .bin file onto an empty SD card, insert the card into the camera and turn the camera on. Once the camera boots up the new firmware will be installed.

    Version 1.5 - August 18, 2016

    • Removed PWM video start mode due to possible issues with trigger cables producing low PWM signal and starting video recording

    Version 1.4 - April 27th, 2016

    • Stock Firmware