Mission Control Drone Flight Application

Mission Control allows you to easily plan a surveying mission with your drone. It supports fully autonomous take-off and landing missions, automatic camera triggering, and terrain follow for multi-rotors and planes.




Installation Note: Mission Control is deployed as a standalone apk file, and not available on the Google Play store. It currently works on Android OS 4.4-8. Please make sure to enable the ability to install applications from 3rd party unknown sources on your Android device so that you can install Mission Control. The application supports in-app updates so you can be assured to always stay up to date on new releases.

Drone Support: Mission Control is freely distributed but in order to actually use it you must be connected to a drone with a white-listed flight controller. This means that upon launching the application and connecting to a drone you will be prompted to login with your Google account and add a new vehicle. The connected vehicle's flight controller's serial number will then be checked with our database (internet required) and you will be able to proceed if the serial number is found. If you did not purchase the drone from us with an included Mission Control license you will not be able to use Mission Control. We do not distribute licenses of Mission Control outside of our drone sales at this time, they must be purchased together.