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New Product Launch: DJI Phantom 4 and 3 MAPIR Survey 2 and 1 Quad Camera Mount.

Now mount up to 4 Survey cameras to your Phantom 4/3 drone for only $20USD.

MAPIR Makes the News!

August 16, 2016

MAPIR was mentioned as the 5th most used drone camera systems in the newest Drone Deploy study. Techcrunch covered the study and in their article summarize the findings:
"The most popular drone-camera tech in the market came from DJI, Canon, Sony, GoPro and Mapir."
We are excited to announce a huge update to our MAPIR plugin for Fiji that concentrates on automated reflectance calibration. We now support calibrating all Survey2 and Survey1 images after the pre-process step which will allow users to then stitch the images using the software of their choosing. You can read about the importance of calibration here and follow along with an example of a winery survey using the Survey2 NDVI model.
Survey2 PWM HDMI Trigger cables now in stock and shipping.
With the Survey2 trigger cables showing up soon we put together a tutorial on how to trigger the cameras from the 3DR SOLO.

Lens protectors for the Survey2 cameras are now available. This durable AR filter protects your camera lens from damage and seals out dust.

Calibrated profiles for Survey2 cameras are now available for Pix4D here.

Survey2 HDMI Trigger Cables now available for pre-order here.

Tutorial to trigger from Pixhawk (3DR SOLO) coming soon...

See our new guide on pre-processing the images from our cameras using our new free MAPIR Fiji plugin.
Now offering small external GPS trackers to easily save your flight path and geo-tag your Survey2 cameras, purchase here.