Survey3 USB Power+FPV Cable

Use this cable to power your Survey3 camera through the USB port. When powering the camera with USB you do not need to keep the battery in the camera, reducing your overall payload weight. This cable also has SD video out for use in an FPV viewing setup or external recorder.

Please Note: You will typically need to convert the power source to the required 5 volts of the Survey cameras in order to use this cable. This is typically accomplished with a UBEC or other voltage regulator.

Product Specifications:

Length 20cm (8 inches)
Weight 4.9g
Power 5 Volt, 1 Amp
USB Connection USB Mini Angled Connector
Male Servo - White Wire SD Video Positive +
Male Servo - Red Wire Microphone Positive +
Male Servo - Black Wire Ground -
Female Servo - Red Wire 5VDC Power +
Female Servo - Black Wire Ground  -