Survey3 Lens Protector

Protect the lens of your Survey3 or Survey2 camera with this glass lens protector. With 3 opposing set screws the slip mount portion is securely held onto the camera's lens surround. The threaded clear glass abrasion resistant (AR) filter is durable for even the harshest environments. An included dust ring goes around the lens inside the mount to keep debris out.  This lens protector also works perfectly in our camera mounts and with the camera clips

*If you are finding the allen wrench difficult to turn the set screws we suggest using a H0.9 driver.

Product Specifications:

Weight 11.35g
Material Abrasion Resistant (AR) Clear Glass Filter + Threaded Metal Filter Surround + Plastic Filter Mount + Metal Set Screws

Survey3 Camera Installation:

Step 1: Lay out camera, lens protector, dust ring and allen key

Step 2: Stretch dust ring around camera lens surround and press down such that it rests against the front of the camera as shown

Step 3: Place lens protector over camera lens. Rotate lens protector such that one allen key is pointing towards the top of the camera. Use the allen key to tighten all 3 set screws.

Photos on Survey2 Cameras: