Kernel2 Module
3.2MP - 41D Lens

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All Kernel2 modules require connecting to an array base to function.


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  •  Specifications

    Processor: Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1.2GHz
    Image Sensor: 3.2MP | 2048 x 1536px | 1/1.8" | Global Shutter | MONO 1-channel
    Image Format: 12bit RAW, 16bit TIFF
    Frames Per Second (FPS): ~6fps (RAW)
    Lens: 9.6mm | f/3.0 | 51.0° x 40.8° x 30.6° (Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical) | 46.08mm in 35mm equivalent
    Ground Sample Distance (GSD) Resolution: 4.3cm/px (120m/400ft AGL)
    Filter Options: F350, F385, F405, F450, F490, F510, F518, F525, F550, F590, F615, F632, F650, F685, F709, F725, F750, F780, F808, F830, F850, F880, F905, F940, F945, F1000
    Memory Storage: See array base item for module memory storage
    Dimensions: 38.0 mm x 38.0 mm x 30.51 mm (Length, Width, Height)
    Weight: 47.8g


  • Included

    1 x Kernel2 M3M-L41 module