DAQ-A Survey3 Camera Cable

Use this cable to connect the DAQ-A with the Survey3 camera. There are two versions of the cable: "Power to DAQ" and "Power to Survey3 Camera". The cables are otherwise the same.

Cable Versions

Power to DAQ (2 Plugs):

Sends power from the Survey3 to the DAQ-A. Power source can be from the camera's battery, from a USB cable plugged into the Survey3's power port, or both the battery and USB power. This cable has 2 plugs that connect to the Survey3.

Power to Survey3 Camera (3 Plugs):

Sends power from DAQ-A to the Survey3 camera. Power source is then from the micro USB power port on the DAQ-A. When externally powered the Survey3 battery can be removed if desired. This cable has 3 plugs that connect to the Survey3.


Never connect power to the DAQ-A from BOTH the micro USB and the Survey3 camera connection ports.



Survey3 Camera Connection Ports:



1 Power Input/Output (5V)
2 Ground
4 Camera Trigger (PWM)
5 Camera Exposure Strobe (Relay)
6 Ground