3DR SOLO Quad Static Mount - Four Survey Cameras


The Quad Static Mount allows you to attach up to 4 Survey cameras to the underside of the 3DR SOLO. This mount comes fully assembled and ready to bolt on with the included (4) M3 bolts and (4) M2 bolts. You will need to use the 3DR gimbal plate that comes with your SOLO. This mount uses 4 each of our Grey Rigid Dampening Balls and Black Flexible Dampening Balls, totaling 8 dampening balls. You can install 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras as required with this mount. There are access holes in the center of the plate to route cables through allowing you to power and trigger the Survey cameras.


(1) SOLO Quad Mounting Plate
(1) SOLO Quad Camera Mounting Plate
(4) Rigid Dampening Grey Balls
(4) Flexible Dampening Black Balls
(4) M2x14 Stainless Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screws
(4) M3x16 Stainless Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screws

Product Specifications:

Weight 82.71g (When Using Two Dual Clips)
Material Black Paintable SLS Nylon Plastic