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3.37mm 87HFOV f/2.8 (m12) Lens


Camera Supported: Kernel 14.4MP, Survey3 12.0MP

This is the same lens used in the Survey3W and Kernel 14.4MP 87° cameras. For Survey3 you can swap to any lens and then load the associated firmware onto the camera. For Kernel simply use the Kernel tab in MCC to configure the camera's metadata.



Lens Focal Length: 3.37mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 18.94mm
Native Sensor Size Supported: 1/2.3"
Aperture: f/2.8
Field of View: 100 x 87 x 70 degrees (Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical)
Filter Installed: Choose Filter Above
Megapixel Rating: 16.0MP
Optical Distortion: <-1.0%
Hyperfocal (Infinity) Focus Distance: 32.07 inches (2.67 feet), 81.46 cm (0.81 m)
Lens Construction: 4G+3MO (All Glass Elements)
Weight: 8g
Dimensions: 22.32mm Length, 17.40mm Diameter