Why is the Kernel Sensor able to be Rotated

The sensor boards on Kernel can be easily swapped. Simply flip up the sensor ribbon connector on the sensor board and exchange it with a different board. Then connect the camera to your computer to configure the software.

3.2 MP Sensor Board

Manufacturer: Sony
Part Number: IMX265LLR-C (Mono)
Sensor Dimension: 7.06 x 5.30mm (Diagonal 8.9mm (1/1.8”))
Active Pixels: 2048 x 1536 (3.15 MP)
Pixel Size: 3.45 um x 3.45 um
Version Option: Mono Photo Mode: 12bit RAW (.mapir), 16bit TIFF
Photo Sizes: RAW(.mapir) = 4.61 MB , TIFF = 6.14 MB
Max Measured FPS: 2fps (0.5 seconds between frames)

14.4 MP Sensor Board

Manufacturer: On Semiconductor
Part Number: MT9F002
Sensor Dimension: 6.14 x 4.60mm (Diagonal 7.67mm (1/2.3”))
Active Pixels: 4384 x 3288 (14.4 MP)
Pixel Size: 1.4 um x 1.4 um
Version Option: RGB (bayer)
Photo Mode: 12bit RAW (.mapir) Photo Sizes: RAW(.mapir) = 20.6MB
Max Measured FPS: 1fps (1.0 seconds between frames)