Magpy: Installing Survey3 Camera

  1. Layout the Magpy Camera Holder, black bolt, Survey 3 lens protector and Survey 3 camera.

  2. Stretch rubber dust ring around camera lens surround and press down such that it rests against the front of the camera as shown:

  3. Place lens protector over camera lens. Rotate lens protector such that one allen key is pointing towards the top of the camera. Use the allen key to tighten all 3 set screws. 

  4. Turn interval mode off on camera and remove battery from camera.

  5. Place Survey3 camera into holder and push lens protector such that it is flush. It may click into place.

  6. Using a screwdriver, attach camera bolt to secure camera to mount.

  7. If necessary rotate camera such that its parallel with the mount.

  8. Connect orange ribbon microSD adapter, HDMI, GPS (USB 3-wire), and Power (USB 2-wire) cables to side of camera as shown:

  9. Snap camera holder into Magpy.

  10. It is recommended to use a piece of tape (not included) at the rear of the camera mount to reduce chances of it opening during landing.