Capturing Survey3 Images Using Interval Mode on Drones
(Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, etc)

Short Video Tutorial:


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

1. Format the SD card in camera. See short tutorial here:



2. Check Interval setting on the camera (0.5 Second recommended). See short tutorial here:



3. Turn RAW setting in the camera ON. See short tutorial here:



4. Secure mount and camera to drone



5. Plan your mapping mission using your preferred planning application such as DroneDeploy, Maps Made Easy, Pix4D, etc. 



 6. Turn on camera



7. Wait for GPS lock. See short tutorial here:



8. Start image capture. Orient camera above Calibration Reflectance Target to capture a few images. Make certain not to block target with a shadow.



9. Start the mission



10. After the mission is complete, turn off the camera.  You are now ready to process the images.