Calibration Target (V1)
Capture Procedure

Did You Know?

If you scan the target's QR code with a mobile device QR reading application it will take you to this page?

    1. Open target package and face up towards the sky such as above photo shows. Make sure the targets are clean, if not use the included wet wipes and then dry wipes to clean them.

    2. You can either stand over the target or take off with your drone near it.  If you take off next to it, make sure not to cast debris onto the targets. You can also take off further away and then fly directly over it.

  1. Make sure not to cast a shadow on the entire QR code and target area.

  2. Capture a photo using each camera while keeping the target as centered as possible.

  3. Please try and keep the camera within 15 feet of the target, closer will improve auto detection of the QR code.

  4. Fly your survey directly after target image capture.

  5. Use the captured photos of the target in our MAPIR Camera Control application.