Magpy: Flying a Mission with Magpy and Mission Control

      1. Plug the telemetry radio into your Android's USB port and make sure the LED inside the radio lights up green.

      2. Connect the battery in Magpy.

      3. Place Magpy drone on the ground at the same or slightly lower altitude than your planned landing point is at. This is very important as it will measure this height/elevation as you are loading the mission onto the drone. 

      4. Click the Mission Control icon to launch the application.

      5. Click Connect To Vehicle. Vehicle should now be connected.

      6. Click Menu.

      7. Click Mission Planning at the top.

      8. Select a mission you previously planned, or create a new one. Edit the mission if necessary. Click Begin Mission button at bottom of screen.

      9. On the to of the screen, tap the camera icon and listen for the camera beep to confirm camera is working.

      10. Read and check the 4 pre-flight check-boxes.

      11. Once the drone has GPS lock you can select the Ready button at the bottom.

      12. Wait for the mission to load onto the drone, while leaving the drone at or slightly lower in elevation than your landing point.

      13. Once the mission is loaded the drone will arm and be ready to launch.

      14. Launch Magpy (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS)                                                                                     

      1. During the mission you can follow the drone's path on the screen. If you lose telemetry communication the drone will still continue its mission.

      2. If you need to abort the mission, click the Home button. This will command the drone to fly to your home location and circle overhead.

      3. To manually start the landing sequence, tap the Land button. This will have the drone fly to the home location (if not already there) and then begin the landing mission.

      4. During landing, the drone will do its best to line up the approach and landing location. Wind can greatly affect the landing precision so make sure the landing location is free of obstacles.

      5. In the event of a crash landing, carefully recover the drone and disconnect the battery.