DJI Mavic 2 Pro Survey3 Camera Mount


The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a compact and affordable surveying tool with its included color RGB camera, but did you know that you can also attach another camera?

We offer a lightweight mount that allows you to easily attach any of our 12 multi-spectral Survey3 cameras securely to the DJI Mavic Pro drone while keeping the original color RGB drone camera installed, and unobstructed. Our mount's simple four screw installation makes it easy to remove and transport.

Adding a multi-spectral Survey3 camera allows you to capture imagery capable of determining general plant health, locate stressed regions of your field or in some situations determine one species of plants from another. It is all based on which of the 6 different filter options you choose. Even better, is that you can easily capture many different spectrum of reflected light by simply swapping cameras between flights. (You can find a larger interactive version of the above changing image at the bottom of this page). Sometimes you may not know which spectrum of light will show you the issue you are trying to solve, so having various Survey3 cameras can provide you the necessary insight you require.




The Survey3 camera, sized similar to a GoPro® Hero, is the newest in our line of simple to use survey cameras. Every Survey3 camera includes an external GNSS/GPS receiver to automatically geo-tag each captured image. Its 12MP sensor and sharp non-fisheye lens allows you to easily capture aerial media.

When used on the DJI Mavic Pro the Survey3 camera captures photos using its default interval timer. Since the lens field of view in the Survey3W model matches that of the original Mavic camera, planning your survey overlap is super easy. Whatever the original camera sees so will the Survey3W camera.





Our DJI Mavic Pro Survey3 camera mount is designed for dual sensor, multi-spectral imaging. This mount is specifically built for ease of flying, becoming one of the most effective mounts you can buy. The quick installation system is also a large draw to customers who do not like spending time setting up their drone for a mapping mission.

Due to the mount's lightweight 3D-printed material it does not dramatically effect either flight time or speed. You can expect a reduction of barely a few minutes less in total flight time with the mount, camera and GPS receiver attached. 


Below is an example composite of a Survey3 NDVI plant health map vs the Mavic's color RGB soil map (drag GREEN vertical line in center of image):