xCraft X2Q VTOL



The X2Q is xCraft's newest tail-sitter vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) with the speed and endurance of a plane in a compact, portable package for any environment. Thanks to its tail-sitting design the X2Q takes off and lands using an area as small as 2 x 2 meters (6.6 x 6.6 feet), making it ideal for tight areas such as urban and forested environments. The X2Q is a rugged, reliable and versatile platform, that is designed to operate in remote environments and deploy quickly to support on-the-move customers. Quickly run repeatable missions using Mission Control to provide coherent change detection over time, ideal for agriculture, security or any monitoring task where rapid deployment is a requirement. Very low operating cost allows for frequent employment. 



1 x xCraft X2Q Drone (Ready to Fly)
1 x Long Range Telemetry Receiver (RFD900+)
1 x Android Compatible (USB Micro) Receiver Unit (Optional to Add 8" Android Tablet+Case Above)
2 x xCraft X2Q Flight Battery
1 x xCraft X2Q Battery Charger
4 x Folding Flight Propeller (2 Extra)
4 x Non-folding Flight Propellers (2 Extra)
1 x Remote Control (for emergencies only)
1 x xCraft X2Q Hard Travel Case (Dimensions: 36" x ? x 8")



Flight Time (Per Battery) Fixed-wing: 30+ minutes, Multi-rotor: 10 minutes
Maximum Range 34.5 miles (55.6km)
Maximum Speed 38.6 m/s (86.3mph)
Wind Resistance Up to 20mph (8.9m/s)
Payload Capacity 1kg
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 degrees C (32 - 113 degrees F)
Typical Battery Recharge Time 30 - 45 minutes
Maintenance Schedule ~120 flight hours
Operating Frequencies 900 MHz