Straight Up Imaging - Endurance



The Endurance commercial quadcopter from Straight Up Imaging is one of the most efficient and portable ready-to-fly-anywhere drone solutions on the market. Capable of flying for over 45 minutes per battery while carrying up to 6 Kernel cameras on an adjustable-tilt tension-ball fixed mount, the cameras are properly orientated nadir during forward flight.

Endurance's unique collapsible design allows the user to quickly get setup after removing from the included hard case or soft backpack. With the cases sized similar to those that protect the DJI Inspire you can easily take it with you anywhere, including checking it on passenger airline flights (though batteries are not allowed due to capacity limits). We even offer a hard case that goes around the backpack so you can have the best of both transport options.


  • Included
  • Standard vs Advanced
  • Accessories

    - Pixhawk 2.1 Autopilot

    - GPS and Radio dependent on package chosen (see "Standard vs Advance green tab")

    - Custom Ground Controller with 8” Android Tablet (Mediapad M3 by Huawei)

    - GPC Impact Resistant and Weatherproof Protective Hard-case or GPC Soft Backpack (Same size as DJI Inspire Cases)

    - Hitec RDX1 AC/DC battery charger for smart batteries

    - 3 Flight Smart-Batteries (Li-Ion)

    - 4 Carbon Fiber Propellers

    - Operation and Maintenance Handbook

    - Antennas and Cables



    SUI Endurance Standard Drone Package:

    Here GNSS

    RFD900x Telemetry Radio (Datasheet)


    SUI Endurance Advanced RTK Drone Package:

    - Here+ RTK GNSS Base + Rover

    - Airbore Innovations Picoradio Datalink


  • Drone Smart Battery: $350

    Battery Charger: $70

    Propeller Pair (2): $120

    Additional Android Tablet: $360