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Nimbus Survey3 Dual Camera Mount

This mount for the Nimbus VTOL carries either one or two Survey3 cameras. The yellow dampening balls help reduce vibrations from getting to the cameras. The two carbon fiber tube legs are easily removed for transport using the thumb bolts. Cameras are bolted to the mount by the tripod screw to provide a secure attachment. The recommended lens protectors can be used by both cameras simultaneously and help protect the camera lenses from flying debris during take-off and landings. Cameras can use their internal batteries or you can use the USB power cable (add above) to power the cameras without the battery (also will auto turn cameras on when power is applied). All side ports and SD cards of the cameras are also easily accessible. Tools are included with the mount to assist with installation.



(1) Black Drone Mount

(1) Green Dual Survey3 Camera Holder

(4) Yellow Dampening Balls

(2) Carbon Fiber Tube Legs With End Cap Feet

(2) Survey3 Black Camera Bolt

(1) Black Camera Bolt Tool

(4) Drone Mount Bolts and Locking Nuts

(1) Allen Key for Drone Bolts

(1) Screw driver for Drone Nuts



Mount Weight (No Cameras): 80g

Mount Weight (Cameras With Batteries): 245g 

Mount Weight (Cameras No Batteries): 190g



Step 1:  Remove all parts that come pre-installed in the Nimbus payload area.

Step 2: Lay out the included mounting hardware. Install the washers onto the bolts as shown. 

Notice on the locknuts that there is a white plastic nylon internal ring, more easily seen from one side.

Step 3: Place the nut into the included screw-driver with this white ring facing inward, as shown below.

Step 4: Place a bolt+washer onto the included allen key as shown:

Step 5: Place the camera mount as shown below.

Step 6: With one hand insert the bolt up from the battery compartment and into the payload area. Use the screwdriver with the nut installed and loosely tighten the front 2 bolts+washers+nuts.

Step 7: With the mount parallel with the payload bay, slide it forward but leaving about 1mm of distance from the front payload wall, as shown below:

Step 8: Now tighten the front two nuts securely, making sure to use the allen key to hold the bolts.

Step 9: (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED) Use a drill to drill the two rear mount holes. Use a drill bit about 1/8" (3.2mm). Install and tighten the rear bolts+washers+nuts.

Step 10: Find the camera bolt install tool as shown below:

Insert the front Survey3 camera. Use the black camera mounting bolt to secure the camera. It is easiest to hand tighten the bolt, and then use the camera bolt install tool to tighten it fully.

If installing a second Survey3 camera, repeat the bolt installation. It is a tight fit to get the tool and bolt between the camera and payload wall, so move the mount around and be patient as you secure the camera.

Your Survey3 camera mount is now installed on the Nimbus.

Feed the cables from the payload pay to the flight controller area, connect to the flight controller, and configure the software for triggering during survey missions.

Happy flying!