Magpy Surveying Drone


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    Magpy is a compact fixed wing drone that is super simple to use. Quickly plan your survey on the included custom Android application and throw Magpy to start the mission. Magpy will cover 70-100 acres per battery (400ft / 120m AGL) and then land autonomously where you instructed it to. The Survey3 camera on-board will be automatically triggered and the images will be geo-tagged from the accurate M8N GPS receiver. Thanks to its SD card extender you can easily swap SD cards along with the battery between flights.

     *Please Note: If a Survey3 camera is purchased separately from this Magpy package the camera will not come installed in Magpy. Survey3 cameras purchased with Magpy package do not come with additional GPS or camera battery.

    Main Drone Features:

    • 30 minute flight time, 70-100 acre coverage (120m AGL) depending on wind

    • Survey3 camera auto triggered and images have GPS location auto applied (geo-tagged) during flight

    • Easily pull camera's SD card and load into MAPIR Camera Control (free) for reflectance calibration or directly into stitching application of your choice

    • Simple to use custom flight application runs on any Android device

    • No controller necessary, fully autonomous take-off and landing

    • Easily swap SD card and battery, gets you flying again quickly

    • Highly accurate M8N GPS for flight navigation and camera geo-tags

    • Integrated air speed sensor provides more efficient flights

    • High quality metal-gear servos and ESC+motor, no twitching

    • Strapping tape re-enforces easy to repair EPP foam fuselage

    • Replacement wings and propellers available

    • Small shipping box allows for lower worldwide shipping costs

    • Perfect for training, education and service customers

  • 1 x Magpy Plane

    1 x Flight Battery

    1 x AC Battery Charger

    2 x Propellers

    1 x Propeller Wrench




    Overall Flight Time 30 minutes (Normal flight, 15% remaining battery level)
    Dimensions 34 x 23 x 5.5 in (86.4 x 58.4 x 14 cm) (Width x Length x Height)
    Wing Span 34 in (86.4 cm)
    Flight Weight 580g (1.28lbs)
    Cruise Speed 29mph (13m/s)
    Cruise Height (Typical) 400ft (120m) AGL
    Camera Ground Sample Distance (GSD) Survey3W = 2.2in/px (5.5cm/px), Survey3N = 0.9in/px (2.3cm/px)
    Survey Flight Overlap (Minimum) 70% Front / 70% Side
    Survey Area Coverage 70-100 acres (Depends on Amount of Wind)
    Satellite Positioning System BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS (M8N)
    Flight Battery 1600mAh 3S 30C Lipo, 128g, 109 x 20 x 35mm (Length x Width x Height)



    Main Mission Planning Features:

    • Quickly plan your mission by adjusting the survey bounding box, selecting your landing location and approach angle direction.

    • Terrain Follow: automatically adjusts flight height based on local terrain data (internet required during mission planning)

    • Adjust the flight hatch angle to increase efficiency when flying in wind

    • Continue the autonomous mission if the plane loses communication with your phone/tablet