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Winter Wheat Field Study
December 14, 2015

This is a customer's flight that we used for our video tutorial on post processing with MAPIR Cloud. The 3DR SOLO carried both the Visible Light and NDVI MAPIR cameras during the flight. The customer was capturing a preliminary survey for the farmer to compare various tactics to scare the wintering Brent Geese that have been eating the wheat sprouts. Various scare options were going to be located around the field and the changing health/abundance of the crops would hopefully be able to show the farmer which methods were working the best.

This flight follows our recommended 20m (65ft) altitude per 8kmh (5mph) speed (or slower).

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle 3DR SOLO
Mount 3DR SOLO Accessory Bay Static Mount - Dual MAPIR Camera
Height AGL 233ft (71m)
GSD (Average) 0.71in/px (1.8cm/px)
Speed 3mph (5kmh)
Flight Length 3.25miles (5.23km)
Surveyed Area 50.74 acres
Google Earth Track (KMZ) Download
Visible Light Image (RAW)
[Download Sample Image Set]
NDVI Image (Single Camera RAW)
[Download Sample Image Set]
NDVI Processed Single Camera Image (MAPIR Cloud)
NDVI Processed Single Camera Image [Scaled 35%] (Pix4D Pro)
NDVI Processed Single Camera Image (Fiji - Photomonitoring Plugin)