Vineyard Study
September 10th, 2015

This survey was flown by one of our customers over a grape winery using his fixed wing UAV at about max legal USA altitude (400ft). Fixed wings have to fly faster than a multi-rotor to stay airborne and he was still able to get good overlap flying at 10m/s (recommended for this altitude is typically 8.5m/s or slower). Reducing side overlap and making more survey passes is recommended if your UAV cannot fly our recommended maximum speed of 1.5m/s (5f/s) per 20m (65ft) altitude.

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle Finwing Penguin (Pixhawk - AP3.1)
Height AGL 370ft (113m)
GSD (Average) 1.68in/px (4.28cm/px)
Speed 33f/s (10m/s)
Surveyed Area 20.54 acres
Visible Light Image
Canon s100 RGB (Stock)
NDVI Image (Single Camera RAW)
[Download Sample Image Set]
NDVI Processed Single Camera Image
(Pix4D Pro - 3cm/px Resolution)
NDVI Processed Single Camera Image
(Fiji / PhotoMonitoring Plugin)