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Modular Means More Choices

Project Requirements Change.
So Why Shouldn't Your Camera?

Choose From 1-6 Modules

Configure Each Module With Various
Sensors, Lenses & Filters


Precise & Automatic GNSS Image Tags

Middle-of-Exposure GNSS Values.
Accurate to the Nanosecond.
Exposure Pulse for PPK Accuracy.

Precisely Trigger Each Sensor Directly

PWM/Relay/Voltage External Trigger.
Simultaneous Image Capture Amongst Sensors.
Better Than 10us Sensor Sync.

21+ Filters to Choose From

Narrow-band, Multi-band, High Contrast


Easily Reconfigure Filters

Adapt Your Arrays For Each Project's Requirement.
Save Money Over Lifetime of Using Camera.

Rotatable Sensor Boards

Allows for Different Array Orientations.
Keeps Top of Sensor Pointing Forward.
Always Have Proper Image Overlap.