Parsley Field - May 28th, 2017

This survey was over a parsley field, using a SUI Endurance with a 2 axis gimbal. Cameras used were Kernel 1.2MP F808 + F650 + F550. Overlap for Kernel cameras was 80% front/side.

Due to the small parsley leaf size we knew we would need to fly at a lower altitude than most of the surveying we do. After processing the results we would recommend using the 3.2MP Kernel instead (higher pixel count means smaller pixels and easier to detect small vegetation) or fly even lower with the 1.2MP Kernel cameras for better results.

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle Endurance
Mount Servo-Stabilized 2 Axis Gimbal
Height AGL 200ft (122m)
GSD (Average) 1.60in/px (4.07cm/px)
Speed 13mph (6m/s)
Surveyed Area 8.50 acres


Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 550nm (F550)
Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 650nm (F650)
Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 808nm (F808)
NDVI = (F808 - F650) / (F808 + F650)
GNDVI = (F808 - F550) / (F808 + F550)
OSAVI = (1.5 x (F808 - F650)) / (F808 + F650 + 0.16)
Closeup of OSAVI Survey Results