Orange Grove - May 24th, 2017

This survey was over a small section of an orange grove, using a SUI Endurance with a 2 axis gimbal. Cameras used were Kernel 1.2MP F808 + F725 + F650 + 550, along with a FLIR VUE PRO (640x480, 13mm). Overlap for Kernel cameras was 80% front/side and 81% for the FLIR. The FLIR camera was not calibrated often during the flight, which you can see a note about at the bottom of the page elaborating on the issue.

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle Endurance
Mount Servo-Stabilized 2 Axis Gimbal
Height AGL 400ft (122m)
GSD (Average) 3.31in/px (8.42cm/px) [Kernels], 20.23in/px (51.39cm/px) [FLIR]
Speed 18mph (8m/s)
Surveyed Area 33.3 acres


Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 550nm (F550)
Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 650nm (F650)
Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 725nm (F725)
Kernel 1.2MP (TIFF)
Filter: 808nm (F808)
FLIR VUE PRO 640x480 13mm (TIFF)
NDVI = (F808 - F650) / (F808 + F650)
GNDVI = (F808 - F550) / (F808 + F550)
ReNDVI = (F808 - F725) / (F808 + F725)
OSAVI = (1.5 x (F808 - F650)) / (F808 + F650 + 0.16)
THERMAL = ( p(max) - thermal ) / p(max)
Above we used a FLIR VUE PRO, which is an uncooled thermal camera. We started the survey in the bottom right, going bottom to top, then top to bottom, working right to left for the path. As you can see, since the camera was not allowed to re-calibrate, the resulting pixels captured were not representative of the subject matter. To improve this it is recommended to re-calibrate as often as possible.