Orange Grove (400ft) -
September 4, 2017

This survey was of an orange grove. The 3DR SOLO with 2 cameras per flight was able to cover over 100 acres in one battery from 400ft AGL. 

This flight follows our recommended survey overlap of at least 70% front-lap and 70% side-lap and a maximum 5mph (8kmh) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL) for RAW+JPG mode, and a maximum 10mph (16kmh) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL) for JPG only mode.

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle 3DR SOLO
Mount 3DR SOLO Gimbal Bay Static Mount - Dual Survey Camera
Height AGL 400ft (122m)
GSD (Average) 2.12in/px (5.39cm/px)
Speed 13mph (21kmh)
Surveyed Area 34 acres

Visible Light RGB Survey3W (TIFF)
RGN (NDVI) Survey3W (JPG)
Non-Calibrated (Contrast Stretched Preview, Click to Download Original)
RGN (NDVI) Survey3W (JPG) +
Visible Light RGB Survey3W (JPG)
Calibrated in MAPIR Camera Control with Radiometric Ground Target
NDVI Index and Color Gradient Lut Applied in QGIS [with Clamped Pixels]