Avocado Grove Study
July 21, 2015

This is a fairly new grove of avocado trees on a hillside. The bottom edge of the stitch is not complete because we didn't fly high enough to allow proper image overlap. If you're surveying an area with varied terrain height make sure to base your altitude on the highest point to allow for proper image overlap.

This flight follows our recommended 20m (65ft) altitude per 8kmh (5mph) speed (or slower) at its lowest point, but not as the hill slopes up (towards the bottom of the survey).

Click images below to download original image (large file sizes, fast internet connection recommended)

Vehicle 3DR SOLO
Mount 3DR SOLO Quad Mount
Height AGL 156ft (47.5m)
GSD (Average) 0.32in/px (0.83cm/px)
Speed 10mph (316kmh)
Surveyed Area 3.7 acres
Visible Light Image (RAW)
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NDVI Image (Single Camera RAW)
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Infrared Light Image (RAW)
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NDVI Processed Single Camera Image
(Pix4D - 1cm/px Resolution)
NDVI Processed Dual Camera Image: Visible Light (Red Channel) + Infrared Light Image
(Pix4D - 1cm/px Resolution)