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Upgraded 3DR SOLO GPS :: mRo NEO-M8N

The NEO-M8N mRo GPS is a professional quality module  capable of using the US satellite (GPS), Russian (GLONASS) and European (Galileo) constellations at the same time , greatly increasing accuracy.

This GPS solution will give you a much more precise position and an extremely fast satellite acquisition. The tests performed on SOLO showed an average HDOP of '0.6', which is considered an  ideal result . In addition, we were able to fix 20 satellites and without shielding shielding (clear sky conditions // shielding not mandatory but strongly recommended).

U-Blox directly participated in the realization of this module by providing an expert opinion and a design inspection service. mRo followed all their recommendations, and added its own criteria to ensure a very high quality module.

This module does not include a cable. If you use it to improve the performance of your 3DR Solo, you simply have to connect it to the cable already in place on the original module, after removing the latter. 
This module is widely compatible and can be used with other devices using a suitable cable.

The module also has an auxiliary i2c port for future expansion using a standard JST-GH connector, and a status LED.

You can get all the technical information and functionalized on the official website of u-Blox on this page . The exact reference of GPS is NEO-M8N-01, 'Professional grade.'