New Reflectance Calibration Reference Target T3-R125 : NOW AVAILABLE

PWM to Relay/Voltage Camera Shutter Trigger Cable

Use this cable to connect to a PWM source (either 3.3V or 5V), typically a drone flight controller and output a relay/voltage trigger signal. This is the recommended way to trigger our Kernel camera arrays if you are not able to produce a relay/voltage trigger directly. PX4/Ardupilot (Pixhawk) flight controllers typically are able to output a relay/voltage trigger, DJI (A3) flight controllers are not typically able to.

Connect the input (female) servo connection to your flight controller and make sure to provide 5V to the center pin. The output (male) servo will trigger a 3.3V high voltage signal when a PWM pulse of 2000us is sent into the input end.

This product is not compatible with our Survey3 or Survey2 cameras.


Cable Length 18 inch (46cm)
Weight 10g (0.35 oz)
Input Trigger Signal 2000us PWM (3V3 or 5V)


Input Connection (Connect to Flight Controller or GPIO):

Yellow PWM Signal Trigger Input (2000us)
Orange 5V Power Input (Required)
Brown Ground


Output Connection (Connect to Kernel Trigger Cable):

White Relay/Voltage Signal Trigger Output (3.3V High)
Red No Connection
Black Ground