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DJI Phantom 4/3 (PRO/ADV) Survey 3/2/1 Quad Camera Mount

This mount allows you to attach up to 4 Survey3, Survey2 or Survey1 cameras to the Phantom 4 (PRO/ADV), Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 (PRO/ADV/STD) drones while still keeping the original drone camera installed. You can easily use spacers (not included) to tilt the camera plate and keep the cameras parallel (nadir) to the ground if desired.

There is the potential for vibrations to be transferred to the cameras so we recommend balancing your propellers if you see too much image jello. You can also reduce the camera shutter speed and use foam spacers (not included) to further reduce the vibrations.

You do not need to purchase camera clips for this mount, as the clips are not compatible. Do not purchase camera clips to be used on this mount, they will not work.

Peau Productions is in no way liable for any damage caused to or by your drone. We have thoroughly tested this mount and when installed properly will not interfere with the normal operation of the drone.


(1) Durable & lightweight plastic mounting plate

(4) Velcro camera straps

(4) Zip-ties

Camera Mount and Ties Weight: 47g

Install Instructions:

Step 1:

Orient the mount such that the engraved MAPIR logo is facing upward. Place each camera onto the mount. The Survey2 cameras will only go in one direction due to the notched lens surround, but the Survey1 cameras you'll want to line up the front buttons with the corresponding holes. The cameras on one side will be opposite (upside down) compared to the other.

 Step 2:

Insert a velcro camera strap into the largest of the flat holes above and below the camera, insert one end into the hole on the other, and pull it tight. You can lay the part dangling off onto the rest of the strap or cut off the excess.

 Step 3:

It is recommended you also purchase the Survey2 lens protectors if you're using the Survey2 cameras to protect the lens from landing.

Step 4: 

Place the mount on the top of the Phantom legs, with the arrows facing forward aircraft direction.

Step 5:

As mentioned above, you can (optionally) use some foam to both reduce vibrations being transferred to the camera plate and also to increase the distance the lenses are from the landing plane.

Step 6:

Push the mounting plate to the back of the legs so it interferes with the installed camera less.

 Step 7:

Insert the zip-ties into the remaining small holes and into the other end of itself, but do not tighten them fully yet.

Step 8:

After checking that the plate and cameras are as centered as possible, tighten the zip-ties fully and cut off the ends.

Step 9:

You have now installed the mount. If you need to remove it simply cut the zip-ties.

We recommend keeping an eye on the drone when it's near the ground, especially for the Phantom 4 due to the potential that the ground-sensing may detect the mount in a rare chance.