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DJI Matrice 200/210 Kernel Camera Mount + Trigger Computer Board

This is a mount that allows you to attach a 6 Kernel camera array to a DJI Matrice 200/210 Skyport payload connector (camera is purchased separately). This is just a mechanical connection, no electrical connection is provided. Tilt angle can be adjusted, with marks showing -30 to +30 degrees of tilt.

The included trigger computer board allows you to connect a separate battery (see Skyport battery holder here) and power the camera. If you're using on a DJI Matrice 200 which does not have a second Skyport connection you can attach the battery to the drone leg instead. Battery connection cables support batteries with either a XT60 or XT90 plug. The suggested battery capacities below should power the camera for the full time that a single set of Matrice 200/210 standard batteries will last.

The trigger computer board also provides a relay/voltage trigger output with a set trigger time interval, adjustable by the trigger toggle switch (left or right). Default trigger interval is 2.0s (left) and 3.0s (right). You can also turn the trigger on or off using the left toggle switch. If the trigger board is booted with the internal trigger turned on it has a 60 second delay until it starts triggering.

The board features under-voltage shut-off so that when the battery voltage drops the camera is safely turned off.



  • Separate/external battery connection to power Kernel camera array (14.8 - 22.2V input, 5V output)
  • Trigger with toggle to switch between 2.0s or 3.0s intervals
  • Toggle switch to turn internal trigger on or off (off allows external trigger pass-through)

Recommended External Battery Specifications:

  • Capacity: 4S (14.8V) 2000mAh or 6S (22.2V) 1350mAh
  • Plug: XT60 or XT90
  • Cable Length: Battery can be up to 6in (15cm) away from trigger board

Flight Settings:

  • 2.0s Trigger (LEFT): 400ft (120m) AGL, 75% front overlap, 8m/s (or slower)
  • 3.0s Trigger (RIGHT): 200ft (60m) AGL, 74% front overlap, 7m/s (or slower)

*Flight parameters above are for 3.2MP Kernel sensor using 9.6mm lens.

Status LEDs:

Left (Red): Turns on when battery is low voltage, or board status is bad

Center (Green): Turns on when powered on and status is good

Right (Green): Flashes ON when a trigger is sent out of the trigger board

*All LEDs on the board turn on for 5 seconds once power is applied and then turn off accordingly.


Toggle Switch Positions:

 Left Switch:

  • Left Position: Internal Trigger OFF (External Trigger Pass-Through ON)
  • Right Position: Internal Trigger ON

Right Switch:

  • Left Position: 2.0s Trigger Interval
  • Right Position: 3.0s Trigger Interval


External Trigger Input Connection:



You can also connect an external trigger source to the trigger board and if the trigger toggle is in the left position the external trigger will pass through the trigger board and then be sent to the camera. The green status LED next to the external trigger input will flash ON when it sees the rising edge of the trigger signal.

Servo Plug Orientation: Right (purple) is trigger signal, Left (black) is trigger ground


Tilt Adjustment: