Foxtech Nimbus (V2) VTOL

The Nimbus (V2) VTOL from Foxtech is a versatile platform with a long endurance and large payload capacity. Its tilt-rotor vertical take-off on landing (VTOL) design allows it to autonomously take-off and land in an area as small as 4m x 4m, while carrying up to 1000g of payload for up to 80 minutes.

Using large front-tilting 28kg high-speed servos the Nimbus VTOL can hover like a multi-rotor more steadily and take-off and land in very heavy wind. The servos will even tilt to a certain level to compensate for wind, which keeps the plane steadier during take-offs and landings. Max flying speed for Nimbus is 35m/s, though average speed is around 14m/s (stall speed around 11m/s).

With Foxtech's new DA16S remote controllers both data and radio links are fully integrated and range is extended to 8km. Using the controller's Bluetooth you can more easily connect to your Android device, allowing you to keep your device charged for prolonged surveying. Of course, Mission Control is fully supported with Nimbus for easy, fully autonomous surveying with precise camera triggering based on mission parameters.

Nimbus' payload capabilities are very adaptable, thanks to its 1000g max capacity and large available mounting volume. We offer the following camera mounts:


Flight Controller Pixhawk2.1
Drone GNSSS/GPS Here2
Battery 18,000mAh Li-ion (6S6P)
Wingspan 1800mm
Length 1300mm
Max (Typical) Flying Time 80 minutes (no payload power draw)
Max Flying Height 3500m
Max Flying Speed 35m/s
Average Speed 15-16m/s
Stall Speed 10-11m/s
Max Communication Range 5km
Total Weight 2.85kg (no battery)
Suggested Take-Off Weight 4.8kg
Suggested Max Payload 1000g



1 x Nimbus (V2) VTOL RTF
1 x Foxtech DA16S 16-Channel Radio Controller