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Adding the MAPIR Camera to Mission Planner and Tower

In order to calculate the overlap during a survey mission your mapping program needs to know what camera you’re using. If you have rotated the cameras, such as using our Quad camera mount, then you'll want to swap the Image Height (imgh) and Image Width (imgw), so that the overlaps are properly calculated.

Here’s how to add a custom camera depending on which program you’re using and what lens:

Mission Planner:

  1. Find your Mission Planner install folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner
  2. Locate file named “cameras.xml” and open in text editor (Notepad)
  3. Add below text before/after any of the sections

Survey2 + 3.97mm Lens (Standard Lens Included):

<name>Survey2 3.97mm 16MP</name>

Survey1 + 4.35mm Lens (Standard Lens Included):

<name>Survey1 4.3mm 12MP</name>


Download Survey2 XML HERE

Download Survey1 XML HERE

Tower Instructions:

  1. Download XML above. Or, open text editor (Notepad), copy text below exactly, save as something descriptive such as “MAPIR_Camera.xml” making sure extension is “.xml”.
  2. Using a file explorer application (such as ASTRO File Manager), browse to the main internal storage of your Android device. It should be labeled as "Internal storage". Some devices will have a "0" folder or some may call it "sdcard". You will find other folders titled "Android", "DCIM", etc at this main internal storage file level.
  3. Create a new folder titled exactly "3DRServices" on the Android device at the same main internal storage level, so: Internal storage/3DRServices or /0/3DRServices/ or /sdcard/3DRServices/.  If the folder doesn't show up after you create it, refresh the app and/or close it and reopen it.
  4. Inside that 3DRServices folder, create a new folder titled exactly "CameraInfo" on the Android device: Internal storage/3DRServices/CameraInfo or /0/3DRServices/CameraInfo/ or /sdcard/3DRServices/CameraInfo/
  5. Move the XML into the CameraInfo folder you created. Long press on the file and select "Move" then browse to the CameraInfo folder and press "Paste".
  6. Restart Tower and 3DR Services app. When you create a survey there should be an option to choose the MAPIR camera.

    Here is the text that is in the xml documents:


    <Name>Survey2 16MP</Name>


    <Name>Survey1 12MP</Name>

    Questions please Contact Us.

    Nolan Ramseyer
    Nolan Ramseyer